WORSHIP SERVICES LIVE™ offers Live Video Streaming solutions designed especially for worship. Created by:

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…the trusted name in church AV technology throughout New England, WORSHIP SERVICES LIVE brings the worship to congregants, into their homes and onto their screens, when they can’t be there! Church Live Video Streaming from WORSHIP SERVICES LIVE was born to give you, our church customers, the ability to share the worship— live, as it happens— with friends & family, whether down the road or across the globe.

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Whatever the reason, let them be there.

Live Streaming isn’t new; the way WE do it is!
High-definition, fluid motion. Vibrant Color. Completely Automated. Our 24/7 support. Affordable for house of worship.

AND…we have designed it so our monthly streaming services are approximately 1/3 the price of similar streaming providers!
We provide everything!



• High Definition
video & sound
• Smooth body movement
• Realistic resolution;
just like being there.


• No on-site staff needed.
• You provide a schedule, we make it happen.
• Immediate response for schedule changes.


• Record every Mass, Service or celebration.
• You own the content files.
• Free 30 day archiving on our server.


• Equipment installation and monthly service fees are priced with church budgets in mind.


• Broadcast Quality streaming hardware for reliable operation.
•24/7 Live tech support.

We manage your streaming so it’s worry free

We program your streaming and recording schedule remotely from our office. Whether you want all day (24/7) or specific times, we manage it so YOU don't have to. We’ll plan your streaming schedule with you–whether you want all day steaming or a specific schedule–and we’ll manage the setup! Your streaming package subscription also includes schedule changes and remote technical support.

POWER SOUND OF NEW ENGLAND is the company that churches, religious schools and synagogues, all throughout New England, have trusted—since 1969— for innovative, reliable Audio Visual solutions. Now we have pioneered Live Video Streaming for worship.


The Steps to Church Live Video Streaming
1. Consultation: Our streaming specialists will meet with you. Together we will choose micro camera location(s) and other technical specifications. We will review your scheduling preferences and related details of your personalized streaming.
2. Installation: WORSHIP SERVICES LIVE installs equipment for your stream.
3. Programming: We’ll program your stream and your Services will be streaming by the following Sunday.

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Church Live Video Streaming Projects

Please click on images to view their live streams. Note: Not all houses of worship have streams live 24/7. To learn more about live internet streaming please contact us today!

Absolutely nothing!

We can provide anything you need: software, hardware, installation, scheduling, support and maintenance. EVERYTHING you need to get you started and keep you streaming forever.

Church Streaming has never been easier to offer your congregation!

Your congregation can always be connected!
Live video internet streaming makes worship experiences borderless. The congregation and other worshipers can watch live video broadcasts of your church anywhere; on computers, smartphone or almost any other internet-connected device. This allows viewers to tune-in to your Services from down the road or across the globe.
Every worship service and special even can be available to anyone, including homebound & assisted living residents, congregation members traveling, those seeking a church to attend, and long distance family & friends. Great for religious education too!
Weekly Services, Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms– everyone who wants to be there in person, but cannot, will be able to share these experiences in real time. Additionally, we can have chosen special services recorded for you!


“I understood that we needed to re-evaluate the way we communicate. Tools like live streaming broadcasts, (video) and social media are where the younger generation gets their information. There has been a great value in reaching out to many parishioners, not only Millennials, but also those that are homebound and the elderly. I have been very happy with the level of customer service we have received from Power Sound of New England. Troy and his team has been very accommodating in understanding the needs of the church, and have faithfully provided us with exceptional service since day one of our partnership.”
—Rev. Paul M. Gousse, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Rochester, NH

“When I decided to put our web cams in our three churches, my thought was to give our shut-ins an opportunity to join us for Mass via the internet when they were not able to physically join us. What I did not realize is that the audience would be much larger. We are in a resort area and have lots of weddings of either summer residents or people who have met here and like the area – and often some of their guests can only join them for their wedding via the internet. We also have Baptisms when a great number of family members gather for a vacation and some can only be present at the baptism via the internet. We also have visitors that regularly tune into Mass at a particular church because they feel a strong connection. I have other people who just like to see the church and use it as a quiet meditation time. So the target audience I originally thought might take advantage of the system turned out to be much bigger which is good for everyone. It has become an evangelization tool for us.”
—Rev. Michael R. Nagle, Good Shepherd Parish, Martha’s Vineyard

“Our addition of a live streaming camera and services from Power Sound of New England was an immediate and exciting success. When we saw calls and text messages going out minutes before the start of a youth performance, to friends and family so they could go online to watch the kids performing a musical in real time, wow! That really summed up its incredible significance. The opportunities for staying connected are endless. Live streaming of our worship services and events on our website has made our church available to anyone and everyone.”
— John Wittmann, Chair – Board of Trustees, First Congregational Church, New Milford, CT

Live Streaming for Your Church

is just a phone call away!

Live Streaming is not a new phenomenon. but doing it well, with high quality reproduction, consistent reliability, at a price that almost any group can afford is not just new; it’s the benchmark for live streaming worship services for generations to come.
WORSHIP SERVICES LIVE from Power Sound of New England
Call us today and we will get you up streaming in no time!

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